Default Help for Music buffer in Plex Media Server client

I have HTC Radar rooted and Plex Media Server installed on CentOS 6.5 machine. I use Plex Media Server client for WP7 ver: 1.4 (Plex v1 4 0 0.xap). Everything is OK, it works very accurate and fast.
The problem is that I use it to listen music from the Plex Media Server over 3G mobile data but I have limited to 150 Mb per month on high speed data which is about 1 hour listening of music. After that the speed goes down to 64 kbps and it is unlimited traffic on that low speed. I try to listen music on low speed but effect was that songs are buffered only 20 seconds, after that the song start to suffering. I try to put pause wait one minute for the buffer to download the content and start it again so it plays normal again for about 20 seconds and after that start suffering again.

My question is there some one with development skills that can help me to extend the buffer to one song, I mean when Plex client buffering song not only 20 seconds but hole song, that will be great because I will have delay between songs on 64 kbps to buffer the new song, but the song will be whole and without suffering. I try to search the registry but can not find anything for the buffer.

On Windows PC, Windows Web (browser) Client for Plex Media Server buffers the hole song at once and even you don't have internet connection, the song is played normal to the end.
Samsung S4mini GT-I9195 rooted Android v. 4.2.2 , custom stock kernel
HTC Radar WP 7.8 Full unlock ROM Dynamics HD2O 2.00
Nokia Lumia 710 WP 7.8 Full unlock ROM RainbowMod 2.1