Default [Q] Custom PIN Lock Screen Widget

Hi all,

I'm running CM11 Nightly (20140107) on my GT-I9195 (S4 Mini). I'm required to have a PIN lock due to Exchange Policy, but I am able to modify the lock screen widgets. Since I have lowered the DPI for my System UI, I have quite a lot of room available above the PIN lock.

Apart from the date, time, weather and agenda provided by the cLock widget, I think I should be able to fit some more things in there, for example additional system information or some application shortcuts. I would like to have date, time and weather on the top-left, some other widget(s) on the top-right, and full-width agenda underneath.

However, I think you are only allowed to have two full-screen widgets on the lock screen; one default, and another one when you scroll to the left. So, I guess I should use some 'super' widget for this; a widget that is simply a container for other widgets. Does anyone know whether something like this exists? I have found Widget Maker in the Play Store which seems to fit my needs, but although it works fine as a regular home screen widget, it does not show up in the list of widgets when adding a lock screen widget.

Please note that I'm aware of WidgetLocker; I've used this before. The drawback is that you need two steps to unlock your device; first dismiss WidgetLocker, then enter your device PIN. So if possible, I would like to combine the standard PIN lock screen with multiple custom widgets.

Any suggestions?
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