Sign Noob trying to root an unlocked bootloader 311 tab z

As the title says I'm a noob with non samsung devices.

I updated to 4.3 and unlocked the bootloader thinking it would easier to root the tablet.

What I want is to have a custom recovery and root acces with my stock 10.4.B.0.577 firmware on a 16 gigs wifi only (311) tablet z.

On my moto x I unlocked the bootloader and flashed a stock kernel with a custom recovery and there I flashed super su but I can't find a stock 4.3 kernel for this tab.

I found this guide but I think I wont gain the custom recovery.

Any ideas?
Did I miss any thread?
Little Kernel maybe?

If Little Kernel is the way to go, I'd like to know if it's independent of the android version I'm running.