Question NOOK HD+ change Chinese font

first thank you leapinlar!!
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Nook hd+ how to replace the original reading software font?
Nook hd+ 怎么替换自带阅读软件的字体?
Through root, a successful substitution font file, restart the machine, nook cannot go into the system, the loading schedule has been show 99%
通过root之后,成功替换字体文件,重启机器,nook无法进入到系统,加载进度一直显示9 9%。
Look at this post:
1, according to this post installation, reboot, Chinese garbled. Replaces the font for Chinese fonts to resolve the garbage problem; restart the machine, nook or can not enter into the system, the loading progress has been displayed 99%.
1,按照这个帖子安装,重启,中文显示乱码。替换相关字体为中文字体,解决部分乱码问题;重启机 器,noo k还是无法进入到系统,加载进度一直显示9 9%。

2, Chinese font larger, less system space by default, how to expand?

3, the system default font is which? What needs to be replaced fonts?