Audio Tiny, tiny little portable headphones amplifier

Figured I'd share what I found while surfing for headphone amps.

The new Firestone Audio Fireye Mini is one of the smallest headphone amplifiers in the world, and offers improved sound quality across the board with all iPod, iPad, iPhones and virtually any MP3 player with a 3.5mm headphone output.

No matter if you have an iPod Touch or an iPod Nano, the Fireye Mini will provide you with better sound quality, with improved bass response and authority, and the ability to drive a more difficult load than woudl otherwise be possible.

The Fireye Mini could not be easier to use, simply charge via USB connection to your computer, and then connect to the headphone output of your portable music player, to enjoy great sound on the go.
This thing is TINY. And apparently it'll give a small volume boost, but the impressive thing is that since it has more power, you get more clarity and better bass. And it goes for ~20 hours on rechargeable battery, which is kinda neat.

$40 at Amazon Prime and available in like six different colors.

Yeah, it's the little tiny purple box in this pic. Also available in black & other various colors.

NOTE: This will NOT work with microphones. So if your headphones have mics, then you can use this with the headphone but the microphone won't work as long as this is attached.
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