Default Insufficient Storage Error while installing/updating apps

From last week I'm facing this issue.
1) this issue is with some apps only.
- till now i hv seen this error while updating Facebook, Gmail and Tv Sideview app
2) Google Play store completely downloads the app but while updating it says Error: Insufficient Storage.
But I'm able to install other apps from Google Play.
4) Even installing Facebook, Gmail, Sixaxis Controller manually from APK has failed it says Free up some space. While I can still install games as large as 50mb.
5) two weeks later I have rooted my phone, but I haven't done any critical changes which many rooted android users do.
6) some apps I'm using which u may want to know are:
-SuperSU, Root Uninstaller (fr deleting G-books n G-Newstand), GL to SD (but it's unmounted), Link to SD (just installed didn't use it), Rom Toolbox Lite (didn't use it either) and Lucky Patcher.
I have mentioned it because I got to know that it's the issue with those using lucky Patcher....???
Root /dev/log... Folder has just four files. Nothing to clean frm there.
Internal memory : 360mb (I had uninstalled some apps to increase it too 410mb but still facing the same issue)

Help requested. What to do now?
Phone: Sony Xperia M Dual
Model: C2004
Android version: 4.2.2 (Stock Rom) just rooted nothing changed.
I had changed d Apps2SD option to SD Card which was causing this error. Changed it to Auto again
By the way another fix is to goto lucky Patcher and in it's troubleshooting menu. Choose remove /delte (any logical options which says to clear) patches and backups
PS: i read it smwhere and haven't tried this one.