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Originally Posted by Sleepy! View Post
Anyone here have any knowledge of how to pack/unpack and test a kernel?
Please help out by testing for Franco, so that he can get his kernel to work on Deb...

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I know, but I'm a teacher and it's heading into semester finals for my kids... A teacher's time is never free.

I might be able to help out over christmas break. But I'll also be writing my spring lesson plans.

Our school is going 1:1 technology with student laptops mid-january (yay)... I bought the Nexus 7 so I can access assignments and turned in work while moving about the classroom, so I want it running with the best battery life possible. So I'd definitely like to see franco working.
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Its really disappointing to see so less development in the deb section. I always message the AOKP team on twitter for a deb release, I mean this is a nexus device! I have considered even flashing a FLO rom just to see what happens. But if I mess something up I wouldnt be able to forgive myself. The curse of the android noob.
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if any one from mumbai or pune wants 32gb lte model pm me
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Originally Posted by oldblue910 View Post
Well you have to understand that the US is one of the largest countries on Earth and we expect coverage basically everywhere. US carriers have enormous overhead to cover such a large area and thus, we pay more than other countries because of that. It's simple math, really.

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Well that and the fact that everything is charged as if you have a subsidized, contracted, device. How else can they get their fabulous 50% profit margins?

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Originally Posted by abc905 View Post
Well that and the fact that everything is charged as if you have a subsidized, contracted, device. How else can they get their fabulous 50% profit margins?

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Well most businesses try to double their money, which means 50% profit. That's just an easy way to ensure you stay in business. Of course they have to make big profits in some areas to cover other areas that have zero profitability. If you look at carriers' financial statements, their net profit never equates to 50% of net revenue. It all balances out in the end.

But seriously, look at a country like Australia. It's a "first world" country by even the most conservative definition. Go to Vodafone's or Telstra's website and look at their coverage maps. Those are two of Australia's biggest carriers. See what nationwide coverage means to them? Americans would never stand for coverage that spotty. We demand fast LTE coverage anywhere we go, and we pay the higher rates that accompany it. It's not complicated. There are cheaper alternatives for the more budget conscious.

In America, when it comes to wireless service, you get what you pay for. There is no other network anywhere in the world that can match AT&T or Verizon in terms of reliable coverage, fast data, percentage of population covered, and pure geographical coverage area. Simple as that. That type of wireless coverage doesn't come cheap, no matter what country you're in.

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