Audio Options for global music player controls, even with different apps?

So I've been running AOKP, and one of the features I love on it is the navbar widgets. I use them all the time to control my music, even with across different apps. All I need to do is add the widget for the relevant app, and I have controls which I can access from any screen, and the widget won't disappear which can sometimes happen to the notification shade controls. This video shows how I use them:

However I'm looking to change ROMs because AOKP are simply too slow development-wise, but I'm wondering what options I have which will give me similar functionality to this? Preferably something as streamlined as possible. I know you can now swipe down on any app to show the status bar and pull down the notification shade, but like I said earlier, sometimes the player controls in the shade can disappear if the app has been killed or inactive, and it just takes up space there anyway.