Question [Q] Battery hit 55c, is my Samsung GS3 damaged?

I woke up this morning sat up and grabbed my phone off my nightstand like I do every morning and dropped it instantly, it was extremely hot. I turned on the screen and saw that my batter was scolding 55c it's normally 27 - 29c when I check it throughout the day. I am really concerned about the longevity of my battery and phone. Was the battery hot enough to permanently damage any of the components? Is the battery safe to use or is it ruined? There doesn't appear to be any swelling.

This is the battery I have and the case I am using.

Current Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 (i747)
OS: Quantum v3.21 & QuantumKernel 1/16
ExtSD: Sandisk 64GB SDXC Class 10

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