Default y pay for help with a brick ( note 3 sm-900)

Hello guys, i buyed on aliexpress a note 3 android 5.5 mtk6572 and the seller gived me a rom to download and i installed it with flashtools viewing the video of seller to install it ( in the video all options are in ON including preloader ) then i selected all options and flashed, and when finished flashed with a green circle,phone never start, only pc recognise with mtk usb port

i viewed 10084938439483498 threads to solve this ( i get all times 4032 dram error )

and i dont see any solution ( the unique i think is testpoing ) and this is the interesting..

i dont see in any forum where this phone have the testpoing ( i viewed in a forum the tespoint is writed as:KOL0

In my phone are writed COLO, i used a a piece of wire to bridge GND and the ' colo ' tespoint, but is dont sucesufully,never pass the 4032 error, i tested all (visible points ) and without sucessful ..

then if any guy can give me a solution i pay 10$ for the help to me, via paypal
i am desesperated, i need phone to work
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