Post [Q] Help!!!?? HTC One unresponsive

So I had cyanogenmod 11 installed on my phone, and i wanted to try carbon.
So I did the factory reset and wiped everything through TWRP recovery and it installed normally.
I rebooted my phone when it was done and it came to the welcome screen. I was excited because carbon wasn't working before.
But i can't click anything. My home and back buttons aren't working.
I tried putting it into recovery but its not working. The only buttons that work are the volume and power so i held them down just like you would to put it into recover but it won't work. I help them down for five minutes and nothing happens. And its weird because i can still controll volume and take screenshots, just not click anything or use the buttons. I really don't know what to do, so any suggestions are welcome. Please help!