Default [DEV-Only] 3.x Kernel for Xperia X10

As some may know, I'm getting headaches since months (I'm not a professional dev ...) to port 3.0.8 kernel on x10.

I'm opening a new thread to talk about progress on 3.x kernel ported to the

I'd like to share the work I've made since last year and involve as much people as it's possible.

I'll try to keep this thread updated with "what is working" and a "to do" or "to fix list" ...

You've been warned : this a development thread, and until kernel is "officialy" relased, flashing stuff or adding changes in kernel and flashing it on your device without knowing what you do may damage your phone.

Important notice :

This is not a thread to teach "how to port" or else ...

However when the time will come, testers will be needed, posts will be make to have report etc ...

Don't ask for ETA ...

Thanks a lot for understanding
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