Question [Q] Tasker wifi toggle scene issue

First off, I have created a task that shows a scene for toggling Wi-Fi, data and sync on/off. The issue I'm having is, when I'm in an application, IE: YouTube, and want to switch Wi-Fi on/off, I drag my status bar down and click the toggles there, but once I'm back on my home screen and open my scene, the toggle will say the opposite. How do I get the toggles in the scene to adjust accordingly? Mind you, I'm somewhat of a novice with tasker and doing any sort of coding or variables is beyond my scope at the moment.

Also, as you can tell, I'm a scene junky. So I am making application menus that slide out and displays my favorite apps in a particular category. Now, I want to share it with people, but they may want some other apps to show up in that list. Is there any way to make my scene customizable by other users?

And finally, is there a way to use finger (swipe) gestures to open a scene rather than just the accelerometer? It opens scenes way too easily against my wishes.