Default [Q] WhatApp Xtract


I made a copy from my phone. In the whatsapp directory in databases are different files. msgstore.db.crypt, msgstore-2013-12-30.1.db.crypt and more with other dates included in the filename.

If I start whatsapp_xtract_android.bat or whatsapp_xtract_android_crypted.bat I get errors:
File is encrypted or not a database
no such table: chat_list
no module named Crypto

It's an htc wildfire s
android 2.3.5

I have all the phone datas on my pc, in the phone there is a new sim card, after activating wlan I have to verify whatsapp again. But it is an other number, the old card and number isn't existent. I will get my old whatsapp chats on the pc.

Can anybody help me to get the data ?