Tablet [Q] Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 s-7900

Hello, XDA Developers, I am quite new here and this would be my first post. But I do have a bit of knowledge and experience with android phones from reading tuts and stuff. With that aside, I'd like to ask a question.

So, my friend showed me this samsung galaxy tab 3 model s-7900 that had a boot-loop problem, at first I thought he bricked it by flashing custom roms or such but then he told me it just hanged and after restart the loop happened, I checked the web and found out that this is a clone(which makes it fake right?) of the original tab, so my question is, can I flash the original firmware of it? And if yes, where can I find one? Frankly, there is little info about this model.

I have tried the recovery mode solution wherein I wipe the data and reset it to factory settings but it fails and gives an error saying, "/E:Can't mount /system(Invalid argument)"

I would appreciate any help, comment, opinion, and suggestions