Default ?? Xposed Modules for Xperia M

I hav used some of Modules on my M (SS - 4.1.2) but none of them worked completely. And for modules which claim to hav effect on Nav bar, one thing in common was, none of them were unable to make it Transparent

Here are some of modules effect on my M

Hide Stamina Mode Icon - Not working
Xposed DTN Disabler - Working
NavBar Soft Key Themes - Some r working
Tweakbox - Transparency settings not working( i used mainly for transparency)
XblastTools - Transparency not working, Clear recent tasks & Ram bar not working, coloring status bar working except for stamina mode icon
Notification background transparency not working, Advance power menu working etc...
GravityBox - Transparent status bar working ( but weird look when lockscreen status bar set to 100% transparent), No Nav bar transparency but
other settings working, No coloring of Stamina mode icon, Advance power menu working, Clock & Battery setting working, Clear
recent tasks & Ram bar not working etc...
Softkeys Fade Mod - Perfect

** I hav read many reviews round the Internet Claiming Xperia M, an excellent phone in it's price range, and bought one. But when came to XDA
it was grouped under low activity devices May be some more patience is required to see it in flying colors **

P.S. - Plz do share your working Modules..

P.S.S - Requests to all Great Dev's to make a module for Xperia M which can perfectly work in all aspects...