Thumbs up [Q] S3 Mini overclock

Hi, in some few days i will recive s3 mini, i was just thinking if it can be overclocked, i dont know why it cannot be, is a phone like from 2 years ago, and im so sad cause some people tell me that is a bad processor, and it has low performance, so i search overclocked kernels, but is no one yet, some people say that is cause its overclocked already, and said that is the same processor from the ace 2, but i think is lie cause ace 2 is u8500 an s3 mini is u8420, why it cannot be overclocked?, i saw a post here that someone tried to compile one but he closes the project cause some comments, he left there the basic things for compile the kernel, i wannna try but i dont know anything about development in android, i really apreciate if someone is encouraged and maybe continue with this project, i left here the post :

1. link suppostly 1.2ghz:
2 link from xda:

maybe if you teach me i can do it, but i really really thank you if some dev can do this.

Bye, have a nice day