Default Gummy Nightlies Data Help

I been using gummy's for a couple days now btw i use simple mobile not tmobile and all of a sudden my data wont work idk what went wrong i went into the settings and fixed the APN i went and did select best network and still nothing i did a clean reflash and i also switched roms and nothing i have no idea what happened to my data i called it into simple mobile and they said that everything is fine on their end if anyone has any idea of what i should try next it would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.
T-Mobile G1: Black
ROM: Super D 1.9.3 with [Official] WG-Kernel v3
Apps2SD: 8GB Class 6 - 512mb EXT4
Overclock: Not Needed
SPL: New "1.33.2005"(Death SPL)
Recovery: RA-dream-v1.6.2
Linux-Swap: 96mb