Default Charger Cradle with USB 3.0 Input

I recently bought this generic charger with a USB 3.0 output connection for docking my Note 3 to keep it charged as much as possible while listening to music at work. (Listening to music alone doesn't cause much drain to the battery, but I get anxious when my battery falls below a certain percentage...I have problems, I know )

This cradle serves that purpose...mostly. I noticed it prior to buying but figured I'd give it a chance because of its low price, but the rear port does not utilize USB 3.0 but instead uses USB 2.0. I thought this might lead to a slower charging rate and it turns out I was right. Mind you, I experienced the show charge rate with it connected directly to a wall outlet, not a PC or another device.

I've searched for other cradles that also have a USB 3.0 output connection for the phone, but the ones I've found only have USB 2.0 input connections in the rear.

If I'm not mistaken, the Note 3 is the first mobile device to utilize USB 3.0 so I know that it's probably unlikely at this point, but has anyone else come across any cradles that utilize USB 3.0 for both the input and output connections?

Update: Never mind! Another user posted this in another thread . It's strange, though, how it's Samsung-branded but it's not even listed on the Samsung site as one of the device accessories (at least not for the T-Mo version).

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