Unhappy [Q] sky im a830k wont start at all

hi there
i have sky vega racer 2 im a830k, i had root acces, can also flash rom using TWRP.
twrp run from fastboot mode, to enter the recovery and than flashd the rom im "a830k with sms fix version" developed by some vietname or choi(i dont remember, the problem is when i hit the "reboot" button in recovery after flashing, the mobile went off, and now it wont start at all, neither in download mode (volume+, volume- & pwer) , nor in recovery mode by pressing ( volume+ & power) buttons, also the charging icon wont dis[lay while i try to charge....
is there anyone who could guide me through this problem..!!!!
its a great phone people dont know off by the way.!!!1