Exclamation [PSA] Madden 25 warning...

I want to tell you to beware & to check your bank statements if you have made in-app purchases in Madden 25. If you play, you no doubt have realized that it is unstable & a lot of time things do not come thru, forcing you to re-purchase. This happens with Madden Cash, with promotional cards & even with completed collection.

unfortunately, if Madden fails, even if it says it fails, sometimes you cannot re-purchase without a restart because Play Store continually fails, or errors out, or says you already own this & will not let you purchase again.

Even though you do not receive your purchased item, until you purchase again, you may be getting double billed by Google. I just got a balance notification & upon checking my account & found a dozen purchase within one to 3 minutes of each other for the exact same thing. So, even if it is crashing before you get your purchase (& it never shows up) you may also be getting charged. Check it out & see if you are a victim of this crap too.
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