Question [Q] Oh look, a Korean Note!


While wasting time on eBay, I've come across a listing for a Korean version of the Note (E160K). Even though I have my own awesome N7000, it seems like this may be a kind of cool thing to own, as it has the TV tuner and NFC. In fact, that's part of the reason I want it, as it just might be of benefit of my own Note. So my questions, if anyone can answer them, are:

1) Can the NFC or LTE modules be removed, transferred to my Note, and made to work;
2) Is it worth it?...The bid is approaching $100 now, and apparently it's in less than good cosmetic condition.

TIA if you even read this I know its a probably dumb idea, but I have compulsive issues when it comes to buying stuff online..

EDIT: Yeah. so, the auction's ended now anyway, so unless this is any actual use to anyone I suppose it could be deleted (..right?...mods?)
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