Default iOS 7 Icon Pack!

Hey guys! This is Crutchcorn. This is my very first app! This will be updated as I am terrible at this as of now.

I kept getting sick and tired of not finding any good iOS 7 Icon Packs with the original icons! As this is a VERY new thing for me I have noticed some difficulties with applying the app theme in LauncherPro but my phone is running on 2.3.3 so that might have something to do with it. Please let me know how it works for you! Hope it works!!!!

(Note: If applying a theme doesn't work for you try applying it manually using something like Icon Changer )


(Also noting: If a moderator moves or blocks this could they please PM me! I am VERY new (my first post!) to XDA so please lemme know what I'm doing wrong. No harm intended!)

Also, to be obious I did not make these icons, only made them into an APK.
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