Default Guide Enable Init.d for i9205 w/o Need of Custom Kernels

This is not my work i just discover were to put this scribe

open Root Explorer go to system/etc/ edit the file
fine this at the bottom

#fastrpc permission setting
insmod /system/lib/modules/adsprpc.ko
chown system.system /dev/adsprpc-smd
chmod 664 /dev/adsprpc-smd

then put this

# init.d support
export PATH=/sbin:/system/sbin:/system/bin:/system/xbin
run-parts /system/etc/init.d
mount -o remount,rw -t auto /system
chmod -R 777 /system/etc/init.d
mount -o remount,ro -t auto /system

for other phone try to put
Thank to
@Ryuinferno this poss
@DooMLoRD this poss
Comfirm working on i9205, S4 try by @mom4ence at THIS