Default [Q & Help] Camera picture upside-down [{4.1.2} RacingBean/Cigar Galaxy (3.1-10)]


As I don't have enough messages to post in the dev forum, I post this here :

I'm running {4.1.2} RacingBean/Cigar Galaxy (3.1-10) on an Xperia ArcS, using a 3.4 Kernel ( which was recommanded by the mod maker (in this post).

The mod is really smooth, fast and super "agreable" to use, but I got one bug with the camera.

The camera picture is upside-down, no matter the soft I use to take photos (Focal, Instagram, Snapchat, etc).

I tried several kernel an the prob is the same.

Is it a way, a parameter to write in some file, to force the inversion (180 rotation) of the camera ?