Audio [Q] In-call volume low with headset.

When I use headphones or earbuds with my phone, the in-call volume is extremely low, even with the volume maximized. Music and media are at normal volume with the headphones, and in-call volume is normal when using the earpiece or loudspeaker. It's just that when I make a call with headphones, I can almost not hear the person on the other end.

I've tried tinkering with every volume setting option, including those in DSP and even tried Volume+ (which unnecessarily boosts media volume to the extreme, but does absolutely nothing for in-call volume). I've also spent hours searching the internet and existing forums for a solution. I found this: ( but unfortunately that only bricked my phone. I'd really love to be able to use earbuds when on a call. Any ideas??

I'm running CM11 on a Motorola Defy, if that's important.