Default How to Discover the SPC Code from a Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200

So this is my 1st thread and hope it's useful. I have been working for a couple of days trying to get the SPC code from this Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 device in order to program it but it was difficult. As you may know Verizon versions (at least the 3 I've programmed) had a default 000000 code that made it very easy to get into the programming but Virgin Mobile lock their's up.

Ok, to read the SPC Code from the Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 using CDMA Workshop. Now, I have the paid version 3.9.0 and I'm not sure if the cracked version will work. Someone will have to test it out.
If you were like me you have been searching and searching to no avail. Well search no more.
-Open up CDMA Workshop
-Security Tab, in the SPC/ User Code area click on the drop down and select Universal, RAM_3A. Click on “Read”. It will ask you if you want to switch the device to download mode… select yes. It will take a couple of minutes then display a really long list of potential codes (I had a total of 57 but a lot were duplicates). Click OK and it will streamline the selections by removing the duplicates (I had a final list of 13 possibilities). For me the 1st option was the winner.
Best of luck to all. If this helped you consider at the very least "thanking me"