Prompt [Beginner Guides]How to Backup Almost Every Android Device

After I saw that that there is an Adb command to backup Android devices, I said to myself why I don't make batch file to make it easier for people to use it ? Luckily, it didn't take me long before I made a batch file that is able to backup your device ,any Android device, which is extremely easy to use.It consists of only 5 questions that will help decide what you wish to backup. This batch file uses a unadvertised feature in Android 4.0+ to Backup everything on your Android device. A Galaxy S4,a Chinese branded mobile phone, or even a tablet. This batch file can backup all of them.

I’m not responsible if something goes wrong on your phone(Usually nothing goes wrong), you’re doing this on your own responsibility. Rooting your phone will void your warranty so don’t root your device unless you know what you are doing.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Backs up all your apps with all their data.No need to worry about reinstalling them again.
  3. Uses Android stock feature so it less likely –if not at all- to find an incompatible Android device.
  4. Extremely useful for cheap unbranded chinese Android Devices
  5. Doesn't require a rooted device.

  1. If you have a mobile device you need to backup your messages and call logs separately.
  2. Needs a Windows PC .

To download the toolkit and for more instructions on how you can use it, consider visiting How to Back up Almost Every Android Device