Smile [Q] Installing Android SDK for Glass


Im on my mac, downloaded the ADT bundle which brings Eclipse and SDK. Ran Eclipse and im in ADK Manager. Per the instructions here:

developers DOT google DOT com SLASH glass SLASH develop SLASH gdk SLASH quick-start

I need to only install the API 15 SDK 4.0.3 SDK Platform and the Glass SneakPeek SDK.

But since there is now API 19 SDK 4.4, when I open ADK Manager, there are a lot of other options selected:

Android SDK Platform tools Rev 19
SDK Platform 19
ARM EABI v7a System Image Rev 19

Do I just click on the Glass Dev Kit SneakPeak under API 15 Android 4.0.3 and install everything else as 4.4 suggests? Or do I unselect all 4.4 and just work with SDK Platform 4.0.3 and the GDK Sneak Peek as the quick start guide specifies?