Question [Q] AOSP LED Control Via Tasker

Okay. Here's the deal. I miss CM profiles in the rom I'm running, which is AOSP based (specifically Slimkat). However, I have Tasker. To anyone who is a Tasker fanatic, can you help me create a task or profile that will allow me to intercept when an application fires the LED? For example, with CM profiles, I was able to restrict certain applications from firing the LED at night, such as Gmail. I know I can create all new tasks in Tasker and assign them to my specific profiles (e.g., sleeping, driving, etc.), but can I simply intercept the notifications that AOSP already utilizes? Under Display settings, I already have all of my applications set up with the correct colors. The problem with AOSP is that it lights up the LED regardless, unless I turn on Quiet Hours, which then turns ALL LED activity off.

Uggh, this sounds confusing, I know. Basically, I don't want to spend hours adding every color under the sun in Tasker for every app on my system if there is simply a way to reroute the built in AOSP led control through Tasker and allow it to control it. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!