Audio [Q] Jack Audio 3.5 Problem

Hi, i recently bought a skyrocket, everything work fine, except the audio jack's a little bit touchy. I tested on stock rom from samsung (jelly been) and on avatar rom, so i suppose the problem's hardware.

The problem's when i insert my earplug jack, i can only heard from the left side. I need to maintain and push the jack for earing completly stereo. If i remove the jack a little bit, it work stereo but with fade sound. It do the same thing with a 3.5 stereo and 3.5 stereo+micro version. Is there any fix or something for this device ? Should i try to open it and move the headphone jack ? Do anyone got the same problem too ?

Thx for answering, i could not find anything related to this device. Sorry for my bad english.