Prompt [Q] Change Speaker Balance?

I have a rooted and CM11 nexus 7. The left speaker is screwed up, like everyone else's, but I don't really want to RMA it for such a simple issue, and I don't want to lose my warranty by fixing it myself in case something else explodes.

Is it possible, with root to ENTIRELY disable that speaker, possibly through a balance adjustment. It would be *preferable* if this balance adjustment only applied to the speakers and not the headphone jack.

I don't want to know about PowerAMP, because the primary problem is YouTube videos, and notifications (and everything else that PowerAMP isn't).

You can easily do this on apple devices, through the accessibility settings, then speaker balance.

I know about the guide for the ASUS transformer, I can't find the file (though I didn't grep for it either Now I did. Nothing.)