Default Unified Remote - it works on Galaxy Gear!

After listening to some tips on this forum about Unified Remote, I just wanted to share good news with you guys.

The app DOES WORK! It doesn't require tethering through phone, as there is a direct connection made between Gear-PC. Your PC must be equipped in bluetooth of course. Make sure you turn on bluetooth in Unified Remote options on your PC. After that search for new server with your Gear.

Below few screenshots of sample remotes. There is about 0,3 sec lag so it's nearly latency free

I love the idea of controlling my PC from my wrist. I can change volume, shuffle songs, play/pause movies and way more.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Mouse control - just move your finger around the screen to control the pointer

Media controller - change volume, songs etc (Winamp, Media Player, MusicBee, Foobar etc)

i created this small remote to control media player classic. i can play/pause videos, switch to next episode, rewind etc.

it's sending keystrokes to your currently running app, so you can create anything you like.