Cool [Daydream][4.2+]Wakeup Daydream

Hello everybody!

Would you like to use your tablet as a live billboard showing the current time as well as the RSS feed of your choice with large fonts that you could read from across the room ?

It is useful for:
a) Night watch
b) Glance at the screen from across the room when you prepare to leave to work.


One thing the app doesn't try to do is be another application that shows temperature, or integrate with aggregation services.


You have full control over most of the aspects of the application, here are some of the features:
a) whether to show the hour in bold or not
b) color for hour / minutes and 12/24 hours format
c) color and font size of the headlines
d) fade-in animation for the free version (2 more animations on the PRO version)
e) refresh interval
f) it does not integrate with Google / Facebook etc, you have to type in a valid RSS feed URL.

This uses the Daydream functionality added in Android 4.2 thus will not work if you have an older version of Android.
It does not install an Application icon, you have to go to Settings / Display, activate the Daydream functionality if it is currently disabled, then you will see a new entry - Wakeup Daydream. You can then configure it and set it as default.
I have set the Daydream to start when my tablet is connected to the charger.

Animations are nice to have, but they use a lot of the processor power. Please set the Animation to None if you want to minimize CPU usage.


Market code:

Google Store Link:

Pro Unlocker:

PS: I have decided to write this app when one morning I had to make a long detour because the park was closed due to bad weather. Had I known this in advance when I left home (it was the first news on the local news website) I would have saved 10-15 minutes of my time. I like to leave my old Huawei tablet on the night stand and use it as a night watch + glance from time to time to it to check the news as I get ready to leave to work.

I hope it will save you some time and keep you more informed