Default Does ADB work through CWM?

My dad completely broke his screen and digitizer, and would like to get his data back before doing anything to the phone.

The phone is bone stock, no USB debugging, and has a word lock.

The first thing I will try will be to carefully use a USB-OTG cable and a mouse to unlock the phone, after printing a 1:1 copy of an s4 with swiftkey also installed to use as a general reference to where the keys are.

That is quite a long shot, so the other thing I thought would be to flash CWM through ODIN, boot into recovery, and now back to the title of the thread, will ADB work through CWM?

Using ADB, I will try and disable the lockscreen (although it is possible to push/pull, I need to read up on that) using, i believe, this guide:

If anyone can confirm this works, I will give it my best efforts.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 1337M
Android: 4.4.2
ROM: Stock

Tablet: Nexus 7 (2013)
Android: 4.3
ROM: Stock-Rooted

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 i747M
Android: 4.4.2