Angry [Rom] [4.4.2 ] [i605] [Unofficial Aokp] [Sabermod 4.8 & -03 Optimizations] [4.2.14]

I make my own AOKP kangs and thought I would share. I have lots of merged commits and optimization in these builds for your enjoyment. Let me know if you have any issues.

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Few things:
1) Most code is written by the members of team AOKP.
2) I am not a developer. I am an Android hobbyist.
3) I am not affiliated with team AOKP, therefore any issues you have with the ROM cannot be brought to team AOKP

No GPS lock, FIX = Flash TW ROM get a lock and then flash back to AOKP.
Phone wont mount when plugged into PC, FIX = Go to Settings/Storage, Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, usb computer connection will pop up, click it. Choose Media Device and now it should show up on your PC.

Thw whole deal with ART over DALVIK. I need to say nothing more than this. Art is experiemental, I will not look into ART issue

####### SABERMOD & -03 OPTIMIZATIONS #######

Pulls the SaberMod toolchain and places it into prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm
Modifies my build repo and a few other build files to direct it to the new chain
30 different linaro patches and optimizations made by the linaro team that improve the performance of the rom
-modifies the kernel I am currently building with to allow it to build Linaro
-Modifies the device specific repos to allow it to build with the linarochain

Merged Commits/code:

smdk4412-common: audio: remove old workaround for call audio issues

smdk4412-common: camera: Proper recording memory release

smdk4412-common: camera: release face detection memory when capture stops

unified-email: sanitize account name

Email: Fix null string label on empty subject

Don't register methods when there's nothing to register.

Prevent Lockscreen album art from activating FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON

Get rid of noise during boot.

Remove 50selinuxrelabel

Improve recents kill all buttons behaviour

RC: Changing Hard Key long press actions no longer requires reboot

Allow some customization in Launcher3

Launcher3: Icon pack support

Launcher3: Fix overviewmode overlay

PalettesView: Free up space by removing emoticon

smdk4412: update batteryCurrentNowPath

Don't wait for finishing animation when second display is disconnected

DeskClock: Support double-digit hours for timers

Dalvik: Add sdiv support in the interpreter

Dalvik: Add hardware support for OP_LONG_TO_DOUBLE in the interpreter

Don't implicitly cast NULL to a bool

Initialize callTgt variable

Remove code related to extended-opcode.

Change exception message for ArrayStoreException.

Fix dx test 034.

Use MAP_FIXED in remapNewHeap

vm: Enable fast multiply on perf builds too

Change SQL to improve performance.

Fix problem where PhoneWindowManager waits for keyguard to draw

Fixed a possible infinite loop in JsonReader#skipValue()

Catch the NameNotFoundException and return to avoid null pointer when updating package in AMS.

Fix SSLCertificateSocketFactory.getDefaultCipherSuites .

ANR caused by incorrect cleanup in BroadcastQueue.

NULL previous background bitmap upon changing wallpaper

Null pointer exception in

Prevent a duplicated registration of Observers

Avoid duplication of AppWindowToken in created Task

Harden NsdManager against null-dereference crashes

NsdService does not clean up after exiting clients

Round off when calculate next step in Seekbar

Fix descriptor leak after accepting connections

Fix null check for BaseObj.equals.

NFC Polling Mode

Add screen recording option in power menu

t0lte: partial revert of audio boost

Change video recording toggle drawable in Quick Settings

Fix to memory leak leaving WallpaperCropActivity.

telephony: Increase the Send SMS retry delay timer

Increasing ring volume

Flip to Mute/Reject Call

Lockscreen Notifications

SystemUI: 4G/LTE icon

Breathing missedcall/sms/voicemail

Increased MMS file and picture sizes

Animate Recents on High-End devices

Smart Phone Call

Add date to statusbar

Live Volume Steps

Dialer lookup

Hopefully Sms is fixed


How to install

Install a custom Recovery.

Do a NANDroid backup.

Clean Flash! Wipe data / factory reset, Wipe cache, Wipe dalvik cache, and Format /system is recommended.

Flash the downloaded zip file.

Flash the downloaded GAPPS file.

Reboot and Profit!

Special Thanks

Snuzzo - Obi Wan Kanobi - lol

Dev Information

If you need assistance you can reach me on Gtalk(, PM, or Email.

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