Default Simple ROM and Device compatibility question

I have a Nexus 4 running on 4.4.2 update base ROM. I've unlocked and rooted my phone, with multiple root tests to be sure. I've also downloaded the Franco kernel. Though its not working, so I assume its cause its a nightly version. From the information I've found those don't always work.

Back to my question though. My devices is a Mako, which goes along with being a Nexus 4 right. So why is it when I downloaded the cyanogenmod mako latest ROM it didn't work? Came up with an error comparing device and product as being mako, and some status 7 thing. I did a restore and now I'm here.

I've tried to install it view clockwork recovery, and from the ROM manager app. Both came up with those errors. Am I doing something wrong?

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