Default NoteII with 4.3 (ML3) & Bluetooth 4.0

Hello together,

I am on 4.3 (ML3) STock Kernel and I am missing the ability to use all the Bluetooth 4.0 gadgets like Wrist-/Sport Sensor from Polar (H7) with Running Apps like Runtastic or Polar Beat.

Users of Galaxy S3 and S4 write that it works on their device sinde they are on 4.3 (Stock). I tried everything on my Note2 with 4.3 (including a full wipe and a different Rom (Phoenix 16.7 currently)

Any solutions? Any Kernels that support that feature?


Edit: Wahoo BluHR works with Runtastic. No Polar H7 Recognition (on S3 & S4 it works...!)