Question [Q] [HELP] Problem with Trekstor Surftab

I bought my Trekstor Surftab breeze 7.0 abou half year ago and I tried to root it but i failed in my attempt so I was looking around internet and found a app called z4root and after installing z4root it said my tab was rooted so I taped unroot and waited few sec and then my tab just reboted and there was no apps. Then I tried to download my apps back and then i got error saying that memory is full.
Then I started looking around internet trying to find solution for my problem and there was a lot of methods for solving that and no one method worked for me so I tried to flash stock rom but there is no rom for my tab.
If you know how to solve this problem please help me

P.S if i posted a thread that was alredy posted leave link here or pm me