Lightbulb [Q] Leaked 4.4.2 vs 4.4.2 Poland


I installed the leaked 4.4.2 Polish version of KK and do not want to upgrade to the version of the next day which is Kies official.
(I had to because I had the Hong Kong version of the Note 3 Snapdragon, and the leaked version had the 4 files + using the PIT file worked)

a)Are there any differences and/or will it prevent me from updating OTA when future updates come up?

b)Now that I succesfully upgraded to a European version, do I still need to do in the future the 4 files flash on ODIN when new versions come up?
(some people reported phone stuck on Samsung logo when upgrading to 4.4.2 with only 1 file and could not flash anything else afterwards.