Default [Q] Version and custom roms

I recently bought a Moto G only to discover that my version (XT1033, the Dual SIM/16GB Brazillian version) doesn't have many (if any) custom ROMs avaiable (mostly because of dual SIM, I guess?).

Now, by lurking a bit I got mixed opinions.

Is it possible to successfully (with no serious bugs/issues) flash a custom ROM (say, Cyanogen 11) from a different version?

The idea I got is that Dual SIM won't work (since most custom ROMs are made for single chips). I don't really care about dual chip capability (I use only one), but I fear that I will brick/screw up my brand new phone.

I have a mild know-how on flashing/rooting and whatnot, my only problem is that Single/Dual SIM cards issue.

Thanks in advance.