Default Building new PC for Android Compiling

So I need a new desktop system and the heaviest task I will be doing with it is compiling AOSP ROMs. I am going back and forth on hardware configurations and thought to get the input of others.

I am going to start off with 16GB of RAM and WD 1TB drives in RAID0.

I thought I was going to go with i5 but does not support multithreading so then I thought to splurge on CPU and go for i7. I could go with i3 and have 4 threads but less L3 cache than i5 and save money.

With motherboard I was looking at the Asus Z87 boards. Was thinking of Pro or Plus. I just need a stable motherboard with on board video. I do not plan on ever going with SLI setup or do any overclocking.

I am not sure on a power supply so any recommendations on one would be great.


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