Cloud Search [Q] please help lava iris 455 brick

plaease help me to get my device
phone - lava iris 455
android 4.1.1 STOCK ROM

i rooted it with guide
[guide] how to root and install cwm recovery on lava iris 455

it works fine

and now after few days i just try to factory reset in setting MENU option
AND it goes in boot loop its only shows android logo with engineering image.
then its shut down and star again.
i give it to repair to one shop - i dont know what he do but still its shows android logo with (!) it.
its like this image

when i press power+vol down its goes in factory mode
its have options like pcba test,full test ,kb test,item test,device calibration, test report,clear emmc,rebbot and FTM testreport
I dont know about this options so i done nothing

so now what i do ?
vijay 8446468588