Default Note 3 SIM Network Unlock PIN in India Purchased from Saudi

Hello All,

I will appreciate if someone can help.

We have purchased Note 3 N9005 LTE from Saudi Arabia on 9th January and I have switched it on for the first time in India using Indian SIM card. Now it is asking for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN.

I am aware that this is regional locked. But I am trying to find a solution. I already tried to purchase unlocking codes but seems there are no codes providers for phones purchased from Saudi Arabia region.

I am also aware of regional lock App, but it will void the warranty.

I wanted to ask will Samsung India or Samsung Saudi Arabia help us in this case? Did anyone experiencing the same problem found a solution without voiding the warranty?

I made a phone call to Samsung India and they said if I register it in India then there is a possibility that it may get functional, but I am not sure.

I request someone to help.