Unhappy [Q] Captivate Glide: Screen 'redding out', not that old.

Too late to return of course, and the seller on Ebay (bought it new) is retired.

I've had the phone about 4 months now, and like the phone a lot, its fine. Except now suddenly the screen is starting to get a reddish/purplish smeary "hue" around all the icons. This comes and goes.

I've found if I slide the keyboard out briskly and snap it back, the screen will usually (but not always) right itself. But I'm sure that's not going to keep working for long.
The suggestion is a loose video cable or wire somewhere inside. I've found the video below which gives the steps of taking the phone apart for a 'screen repair', but its about as long as an open heart surgery procedure and I don't look forward to risking taking the phone apart any more than I need to.
However.... loose wire? Has anybody seen this, and is there any suggestion for a fix? I have much customization on the phone, and my worst fear is the display will suddenly short out leaving me bricked at a complete loss.

Also, there is a second problem which I have suddenly noticed- the phone will not dial. I tap on a contact and it says "Dialing...", but takes forever for it to begin, or never does (forcing it to reboot). I'm not sure if this is related or not but thought I'd mention.
Thanks much for any suggestions!!