Info 2 App Drawer on TW shortcut clock

I wanted to put my App Drawer on the Shortcut Clock, but it wasn't available to add in the Gear Manager clock configurator.

I found a free drawer app on Play Store that works perfectly. The icon it provides for the TW shortcut dock is a perfect match to the Gear's icon style, too. I can't post links yet, but the app is "AppDrawer (MIUI App Drawer)" by JakedUp.

You will need to install something that allows you to access the app menu with a gesture, in order to configure it. But the default drawer style is a single-column icon list with titles, which will probably work for most people.

I set mine to have: 2 rows, 2 columns, horizontal scrolling, 15 point type, icon size 100, icon spacing 6. That makes it look like the Gear's default app drawer, but with icon titles.