Default [Q] No data with custom roms

Looking for some help, please.

I have a T-Mobile G2x P999, unlocked. I am using it with a Straight Talk AT&T sim card.

Running on stock, I have no issues with data connectivity.

However, I have been unable to obtain data connectivity with any Custom ROMS. I have tried a few (including Genesis). I am currently using the Paranoid Android P999 CM9 ROM. Except for the data connectivity issues, I am really liking the ROM.

I have the ability to make calls and send texts. But when I look under Phone Status, it says "Unknown" phone number, etc.

I have tried adjusting APN settings, as well.

I have searched forums high and low both here and on other sites, with no luck. I apologize if I have repeated someone's question, but if it is out there, I missed it.

Does anyone have any ideas? I appreciate any help you can provide.