Phone [Q] EFS mount Error and N7100 Not booting up

hi today morning something strange happened to my N7100!
it was running on stock 4.3 (Rooted + Philz recovery) when suddenly i woke up with the sound of Samsung Boot sound looks like the phone rebooted it self!
the phone was working ok i left it in my room!
And after a few minutes i returned noticed that the phone is Not Responding to any thing (PowerButton , Charger Plugged in , nothing) after a few times Unplugging the battery the phone Wakes up but stucks at the Samsung boot logo after the gt-n7100 screen (the blue notification light was on) but no automatic restart. i decided to flash a fresh Rom With odin i Flashed again the phone stuck at the Samsung boot screen! i tried to Run a Data and Cache Wipe When suddenly I noticed this error : Error mounting /efs Whats wrong ? iS my n7100 dead ?

(Next thing i noticed is that the Samsung boot animation sound is not playing Completely it just stops before the animation ends. just like you mute the sound in the middle of the animation! and then stucks at samsung )

Edit : LOL i mean Official 4.3