Default Unlocking OTA 4.3 GN2 and Downloading Updates


2 weeks ago I jumped on-board Tmobile right after announcement of Uncarrier 4.0, didn't trade in my ATT GN2 so I can use it on Tmo. Prior to the switch I flashed the "official leaked " OTA ATT 4.3. Then right before I switched, I filed a request for unlock code to which ATT supplied me last night.

Since then I've been trying to plug the unlock code in, "Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful"- great. Reading the email again it says "Please allow 24 hours upon receipt of this notification to complete the unlock process." Some say 4.3 is simply unlockable. On top of that, I have been told that too many attempts can hardlock the phone and with my great enthusiasm last night, I don't want to make any more unnecessary attempts.

If all else fails, Im also ready to flash back to 4.1 following OTA to MK6 using LJ2. Problem is I only have a working tmo sim card and a no-service att sim, however, it requires me to download OTA updates with wifi, twice.

Questions: For those interested-

Has anyone unlocked their 4.3 with an ATT supplied-unlock code?
-Confirmed through repeated and desperate unlock attempts that 4.3 leaked OTA cannot be unlocked even with the ATT unlock code.

I've yet to come across a thread about hardlocking GN2. Is hardlock a thing for Note II? (I tried at lesat 5 times by now & no lock yet)
-I should have rounded up upward of 10 unlock code attempts and no hardlock.

Can I download ATT OTA updates with a no-service ATT sim or tmo sim card? Both? Neither?
-Official updates have yet to pop up throughout the duration so Its a no-no.


First I'd like to thank dicksteele and perez6991 as I downgraded to LJ2 using their instructions. My phone was then unlocked using the *#197328460# menu. Happily using Tmobile sim now.

Thanks for reading.