Battery Low [Q] Restore IMEI xt912(nobody answers on the original thread)

Please dont delete this thread. There are no replies on the original thread posted on the right forum so I had no choice but posting it here.

I have a motorola Razr xt-912 that was working fine a couple of months back and suddenly one day (battery got 0) when I recharged to wake it up, it started rebooting again and again. It later occurred to me that bad IMEI or ESN make devices reboot. I checked the IMEI and it was empty, same for ESN. I went to all the famous android workshops in the city and after trying different things on it for a couple of days each of them returned saying that no one in the city can make it work. Now I googled a bit and found cdmatools but I am not able to get it started.

Now, I have the phone which no one in the city can fix. It just has to have its IMEI restored and this seems like impossible task till now. I need your help guys. I had this phone from the start and dont want to throw this beauty. Its not about its value in money any more.